6th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Palmarianski Katolicki Kościół

6th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

Thanks be to God and the Blessed Virgin Mary more than one hundred and fifty countries have visited our website. We have fewer countries left to conquer to complete one of our first goals on our website: to bring knowledge of the True Church to all the countries of the world.

The Palmarian Doctrine is clear and beautiful. Thanks to the Palmarian doctrine presented on our website, souls can come to understand that the Palmarian Catholic Church is the True Church of Christ. It is not our concern that the Palmarian doctrine be rejected or that they make fun of it! We offer the truth with perfect clarity. Whoever accepts it will be blessed by God, by Mary Most Holy and by Heaven. Anyone who rejects the Palmarian Doctrine can never feel in their soul the happiness and divine peace given by God to the humble and simple souls of His Church.

The Palmarian Church as the author of the rules leads its faithful to holiness, and does not see fit at this moment for the faithful of the True Church to watch television. This norm is not extreme either, since they can see films and documentaries approved by the Church on their computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc. His Holiness Pope Peter III wants the faithful of the Church to be able to see films that inspire saintly works, such as watching movies of the saints’ lives. From there one gets much encouragement to imitate the saints in the practice of the virtues and enhance their own spiritual lives. The prohibition to watch commercial videos remains, but we clarify that people who plan to enter the Palmarian Church should know that they can make their own home videos and share them with other Palmarian faithful, videos that they can also have. In this way they will be watching decent videos, avoiding scandals and danger.

You can listen to the radio, but not on religious issues to not pay attention to those who spread error. A good Catholic does not listen to other religions that preach error. Especially today, when so many people are entering different sects who dare to use the name „Christian”. The term Christian, means follower of Christ, title that corresponds exclusively to those who are members of the True Church.

The reason why the Church sets norms for its faithful is the same as a good mother who sets rules for her children so they can continue on the right path. A good mother will demand of her children the fulfillment of God’s law. The Church demands this fulfillment and apart from this, gives norms and advice adapted to the times in which we live. Christ did not preach about the dangers of young people by freely using the Internet. This mission falls on the Church today. The Church, as Mother, must give rules to control the correct use of the Internet, thus avoiding the ruin of souls. He who reads this writing knows very well what I am talking about, without going into big explanations.

Christ, our Savior, has entrusted to the Good Shepherds the mission of teaching the good way, which are at this moment the Bishops of the Holy Palmarian Church, who under the authority of the Pope, teach the way of eternal salvation to humanity. Although they do not directly teach as many as they would like, the good example of the Palmarians who follow the True Church is an important teaching for many. Nor do we mean that all Palmarians are saints. Some more than others, some less than others. Only God knows the inside of their hearts. With great joy we encourage those who have made the decision to enter the Palmarian Church for their courage and firmness. But it is not possible for man to make this decision on his own, as it is a very special Grace from the Holy Spirit.

Properly stated, those who abandon all „human respect” to be members of the Palmarian Church become more loved by Christ. Christ, as the Palmarian Doctrine clearly teaches, loves the one who loves him most. Christ is our Father, our Creator. Christ is the Head of Creation. He is a friend of the souls in the State of Grace, that is, Friend, above all, of the members of His Mystical Body. The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ. Therefore, the souls that live without serious sins are the friends of Christ. A mortal sin terribly offends our Savior, therefore, committing a mortal sin, you cease to be a friend of Christ. Christ will forgive the offense immediately, if there is true repentance, but this sin to be permanently forgiven must be presented in the Confessional. The Sacrament of Confession is of absolute necessity to live in the State of Grace. Christ does forgive, but on condition that sin is presented to the Priests in the Confessional. The mercy of God is spread falsely. God is merciful, infinitely merciful, but we must go through the Sacrament of Confession to receive permanently the forgiveness of mortal sins.

On the occasion of the publication of our website in the Polish language, the number of Polish visitors has increased. We do not have all the documents translated into Polish, but enough to be well informed about the truth of the Holy Palmararian Church. Poland ranked seventeen of the visitors to our website, now they have gone up to number thirteen.

Although the Apostles of Christ and Mary, the Palmarian Apostles, help to increase the number of visitors to our website, however, it does not depend entirely on them, rather, it even depends on malicious people inspired by the devil. Satan in his terrible hatred of the Church of Christ, inspires the authors of writings published in the press and the Internet, to defame what is dear to the Eyes of the Eternal Father, which is the Church founded by Christ on Calvary. The Palmarian Church in El Palmar de Troya, continues the tradition of the Catholic Church of always. How many writings and videos have been made about the Palmarian Church that are full of lies and defamations! However, God brings good out of evil. Thanks to those writings based on error, we get a large number of visitors to our website. God can never be defeated. He even puts the bad guys at the service of His Holy Church.

Finally, we ask everyone to stop looking at and reading what the enemies of the True Church of Christ publish, because it is to support the work of Satan. It is better to examine what is published on this website, because what is written here is authorized by the Palmarian Pope, Peter III, and contains no lies nor anything false.