Second Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Palmarianski Katolicki Kościół

Second Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

The palmarian apostolate is spreading throughout the world. This is evident not only by the number of people who have visited our website, but by the more than 80 countries that have seen our web pages around the world. Distant countries and of diverse cultures. Some with very little or no Catholic tradition throughout the history of the Church. A new breath of the Holy Ghost travels the world to call those who wish to know the location of the True Church in order to be part of the Mystical Body of Christ.

The countries that visit us the most are Spain, followed by the United States. Approaching closer every day is Brazil. Fourth, comes Ireland and fifth Canada. The city that most visits us is Seville and outside of Spain, the Brazilian city of Natal.

Country City
1. Spain 1. Seville
2. USA 2. Natal
3. Brazil 3. Madrid
4. Ireland 4. São Paulo
5. Canada 5. Dublin
6. UK 6. Utrera
7. Germany 7. Ashburn
8. France 8. Barcelona
9. Italy 9. London
10. Argentina 10. Malaga

We have received written emails in a very beautiful and spiritual way, highlighting great affection for our titular image, that of Our Crowned Mother of Palmar.

The fact that so much interest has come from Canada has made us very happy, because at this moment there is not a single soul in Canada who professes the true faith, the Palmarian Catholic. We hope that they write to us from Canada in order to rectify this unfortunate situation. Years ago, in that country there were many devotees of Our Crowned Mother of Palmar, but they abandoned Her in order to follow a proud priest who placed himself above the Pope, convincing the Palmarian faithful to leave the Church that they loved so much. It would be a great joy for us to have faithful again in Canada.

To all those who have liked our images, religious ceremonies, sacred music, etc., we say that all this is the fruit of a life of prayer and penance, practiced rigorously by the members of the Palmarian Church. If anyone wishes to belong to the true sheepfold of Our Lord Jesus Christ, they must know that the Palmarian Church obliges all of its faithful to always dress according to the norms of Christian Palmarian decency, clearly described on our website. Also, for our faithful, there is an obligation to pray always, every day, the Holy Penitential Rosary. These two points are key points for those who wish to be members of the Palmarian Church. The Holy Penitential Rosary, also called the Rosary of Padre Pio, is a source of light to understand this work of God.

It is our desire to considerably increase the number of languages on this web page. Soon our publications will be available in Polish and, God willing, it will soon be published in Italian. We would like very much if people who are able to translate into Portuguese can help us, since there are many who wish to read our publications in Portuguese.

Finally, we are very grateful to the Polish translators who are helping us.