Ninth Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Palmarianski Katolicki Kościół

Ninth Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

Our Lord Jesus Christ in his admirable protection over His Church, One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian, never tires of producing great surprises to help His Church in its ceaseless apostolic work. What seems impossible becomes possible when He intervenes with His Divine Power. The extension of the Palmarian apostolate through our website is almost universal. There are 209 countries or territories that have visited us. Even the smallest and most remote islands on the planet have already visited our website. Though the number of people who visit the website are few in some countries, all the same, the True Church, One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian is getting to be known. There are only a few places that have not yet seen it and we hope everyone will discover it soon.

On 8th December of last year, we launched this website for various reasons that have already been covered in previous reports. As of today, the 8th of September, nine months have passed since the beginning of this apostolate. Christ was in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary for nine months preparing to go out into the world, to undertake the most important apostolate in the history of mankind. Christ was the Chief Apostle of all time, the Apostle par excellence, the Apostle of God Triune, who came to earth to save humanity. His preparation for nine months in the Immaculate Body of the Blessed Virgin Mary was hidden from men. Christ in the Maternal Bosom was fully aware of everything that was going on because He had a Glorious Body. At birth, the joy was great throughout the Universe: Suddenly there appeared with the Archangel a great throng of heavenly hosts, praising God and saying: „Glory be to God on high, and on Earth peace to men of goodwill”. Those who knew of the event by different prodigious signs, all marvelled; and likewise at the things told them by the shepherds. (Holy Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Book 1, Chapter 10). In a period of nine months, the fruitful spiritual seeds of the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian Church have been sown all over the world, and we await for them to germinate and grow like leafy trees.

From now on we will experience a new joy in the Palmarian Catholic Church. The first stage of publicizing the True Church of Christ in all corners of the world has been fulfilled. Soon we will begin to see the fruits of this apostolate. They will be great, we are already seeing them. Finally, souls have found the truth they have sought after so much. How many times souls were in search of the truth and found lies! Lies on top of lies hiding the truth. Now the Palmarian website rises above the lies, spreading the Light of the True Church of Christ. The streams of lies have been broken. The souls who seek Jesus recognize in the Palmarian Church the Truth, the Truth they have always sought. They recognize that the True Pope is leading the Church of Christ from the Holy Palmarian See of El Palmar de Troya. The Church does not need multitudes of faithful to be called „True Church.” For it truly to be the True Church, it only has one requirement: to have the true Pope.

Now it is up to the Religious Orders to recognize the True Pope, in order to organize the Church in all countries. At this time the Palmarian Church is very small and with few Priests. We do not reach 200 Priests, nor can we send one to each country. We hope that a large number of Priests will enter our Carmelite Order in order to apply the Catholic teachings, beautifully developed in the Palmarian Holy Councils. Conversions do not depend on us, rather it depends on those who wish to enter the True Church, to embrace the Truth and let themselves be led by Christ, the Good Shepherd. He is the Light of the World, along with his Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary who are driving the Palmarian apostolate. That is why we achieve a lot in a short time. The light of Christ illuminates the Marian Apostles of the Last Times. Nobody wants to recognize that we are in the Last Times, but the prophecies show that we are really living it. We do not know how many years it will last. The first times of Christianity, it can be said, were the first three centuries until the triumph of St. Constantine against the pagans.

Since this apostolate is the work of Christ, Light of the World and of the Blessed Virgin, Queen of the Palmarian Apostles, it is clear that success will come. It is equally true that Satan, king of this world, will fight stubbornly against the Palmarian Catholic Church. Although Satan has a great multitude of wicked people at his disposal to turn the world completely immoral and pagan, victory is assured for the Church. It is assured because the prophecies of the Virgin Mary crushing Satan’s head must be fulfilled. When talking about victory, it should be understood that no matter what the enemies of the Church do against it, the Church will always succeed. There will always be holy souls following the holy doctrine of the Church. He who is victorious has not been defeated. This is the Palmarian Catholic Church. Despite all the efforts of those who slander and lie about Her, the Church continues joyfully, defending the Truth through its members who are faithful to God and the Blessed Virgin.

We have noticed that a good number of visitors to our website have entered from the Vatican City. Recently Mexico has taken the number nine spot with more visits, leaving Italy in tenth place. The visits of Spain, the United States, Brazil and Germany are numerous every single day. Great Britain visits us a lot with France and Ireland always increasing their numbers. Canadians are also very interested. Poland, Colombia and Argentina have high numbers of visits. Austria, the Philippines and Switzerland form another group with a good number of visits.

The good news for those in Romania is that we are already preparing the website in Romanian. God willing, it will not take long to be published.