4th Report of the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Palmarianski Katolicki Kościół

4th Report of the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

The countries that most visit our website continue to be mainly Spain, the United States and Brazil. Spain regains first place before the United States.

Thank God and the Blessed Virgin Mary, there are more than one hundred and twenty countries that have visited our website. We hope that the countries that have not yet visited it, will soon do so and have this blessing to know the Palmarian Church.

The fact that in the third report it emerged that the United States achieved the number one position in visits to our website, was that an American website did a report on the Palmarian Church. The article began with an offensive title to the Vicar of Christ, His Holiness Pope Peter III. But, wisely, God brings good from evil. Many, wanting to know the truth about the Palmarian Church and its Spiritual Leader entered our website to verify, for themselves, the truth or lie of what was spoken. We hope that this avalanche of people has realized that the American website was the work of a very evil person, used by the devil in his terrible struggle against the True Church. We serve God or Satan. Be very careful. The people who write about religion and who, through ignorance, make mistakes, render a service to Satan himself, and thus falsehoods come out. That´s why you also have to be careful what you read in order not to fall into error.

Spain regained its first place because there was more publicity in Spain about the Palmarian Church. One of these ads was a video with many falsehoods, even saying nonsense that indicates something of the journalists that we prefer to keep quiet. They spoke with an old woman in the town of El Palmar de Troya, and she commented that a journalist had entered our Holy Order and that we had killed her. How can they post a comment of that kind? One thing is exaggeration or ignorance, but to publish such a comment those journalists should be fired as they ridicule the Spanish press. At the least, those journalists owe us an apology. Nowadays, unfortunately, the business of journalists is, in the vast majority, using lies and exaggerations to increase their clients, regardless of the terrible damage they can cause to others!

Although visitors from China are not so great in number, we are very happy to have this continuous drip of visits from a nation that so much needs the visit of the Palmarian Missionaries. Having the Holy Mass celebrated in that country so populated, would result in a deluge of Graces and Heavenly Blessings for that nation. In a world of general apostasy, if there was a group of people in a Chinese City eager to attend the only valid and authentic Mass, with pleasure The Pope would surely send one of our missionaries to celebrate for them. Likewise, in Russia, and in other countries that have never received a Palmarian Missionary, we want to present the True Church in those countries, even for a small group. God works wonders in the most difficult circumstances. It is the will of God, One and Triune, that the world knows the exalted Queen of Heaven, the Most Holy Virgin Mary, under the title of Our Crowned Mother of Palmar.

From the emails we receive, we can honestly say that many people like the Divine Worship celebrated in the Palmarian Church with so much dignity and solemnity; all celebrated according to the traditional requirements of the Church.

Here we find a list of the countries and cities that most visit our website:

Country City
1. Spain 1. Seville
2. United States 2. Madrid
3. Brazil 3. Natal
4. Germany 4. Ashburn
5. United Kingdom 5. Chicago
6. Ireland 6. Dublin
7. Canada 7. São Paulo
8. France 8. Barcelona
9. Italy 9. London
10. Mexico 10. Vienna

It is very remarkable that there are many people in different countries who are seeking the truth. Logically, as they cannot find it, they discover on our website a hidden treasure. We would love to admit many people into the True Church of Christ, which is now the Palmarian Church, but a good number live or want to live in a way which is incompatible with the norms of the Church and they would not easily change their ways. One of these norms is the obligation to all married couples to have all the children that God wants to grant them, as has always been the Holy Tradition in the Catholic Church of all times. You cannot choose how many children you want, as it is absolutely necessary for the validity of marriage to desire to have from God all the children He wishes to send to each family. The „economic difficulties” argument is not valid, because God zealously watches over his creatures. We have an obligation to trust in the providential hand of God and the Holy Family; Jesus, Mary and Joseph.