14th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Palmarianski Katolicki Kościół

14th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

Now that we are in the fourteenth month of the reports, the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian Church has achieved one of its most important objectives, which is to offer an alternative among the multitude of false religions that exist throughout the world. Although we encounter many difficulties along this path, the fire of the Holy Ghost continues to push Palmarian Catholic Action to teach humanity where the True Church of Christ and His legitimate Vicar, His Holiness Pope Peter III, can be found. The Holy Ghost guides His Church to continue safe and sound, even in the midst of the greatest difficulties, as with the crossing of the Israelites over the Red Sea when the waters divided. Well, this will happen with the Palmarian Catholic Church. She will go forward, strong and unwavering, because over her there is a mysterious Mantle that covers her, that protects her, that makes her invincible. This mantle is a Heavenly Mantle that always keeps it at peace, keeps it in a state of indescribable joy. This Heavenly Mantle is with all certainty the Person of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth.

This last month of January, there have been interesting changes in the numbers of those who follow our website. Lately Brazil is finishing the day in first place. Argentina is still the country that visits us the most, continuing in first place and distancing itself by several thousand visitors. Between 10% and 18% of those who visit our website visit it again. Spain in second place has returned to produce very important numbers thanks to God. Thanks to a generous soul, dedicated to helping the Palmarian Church, we have been able to publish our website in Italian. Now we have it published in nine languages.

This is the list of the top thirty countries that most visit our website:

3.Brazil13.United Kingdom23.Chile
4.United States14.Kenya24.Ecuador 
5.Mexico15.Congo – Kinshasa25.Dominican Republic
9.Germany19.The Ivory Coast29Malta
10.The Philippines20.Canada30.Guatemala 

A few words about the Blessed Virgin Mary:

The Blessed Virgin Mary is a wonderful Mother that we must always follow, as the sheep follow the shepherd. Rest assured that She will take us to Jesus. That’s great! What joy is felt in the soul loving our Heavenly Mother! When our thoughts work to get to know Our Lady intimately, we will find happiness in abundance. Happiness is achieved by fulfilling our obligations well, as King Solomon taught wisely. And what more important obligation may exist than the search for holiness? The shortest path to holiness consists in a total surrender to Our Lady. Let us seek Our Lady so that the peace of Christ may remain in our souls. The happiness that comes from serving Our Lady produces the interior effect of loving God intensely. Therefore, She is the way to find Christ, and the way to know God intimately. The joy we can feel in this life depends on the degree of love for the Divine Mary. It is She who loves God more than all other human beings together. She is the Heavenly Teacher who teaches her children to love and generously serve the Divine Savior.

She wants us to pray a lot, but above all she likes the prayer of the Holy Penitential Rosary. We have to take seriously the duty of praying the Holy Penitential Rosary daily, never ceasing to pray it no matter how busy we are. We have to penetrate the mystery of her Spiritual Passion which she suffered united to her Son Christ on Calvary. Being a devotee of Mary means giving her your confidence. When problems arise, entrust them to Her. Your spiritual and material needs will be resolved by your Heavenly Mother. Everything depends on the degree of trust you give her.

Saint Joseph is the one who knew how to treat Our Lady with all the honours and devotion she deserved. Saint Joseph is our Master in loving Our Lady. That is why we have to turn to him to teach us to love Her as he loves Her. We need St. Joseph because he is the great Mediator between the Virgin Mother of God and us. Do not go any other way, only the Josephine way. Pray to Saint Joseph frequently. Know that you are invoking the Head of the Holy Family. We cannot take Josephine devotion lightly. If you could see the power of this Glorious Saint, you wouldn’t be long putting yourself under his protection.

The Palmarian Church is the work of God, a very special work of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother and Protector. The Palmarian Church is par excellence „Defender of the prerogatives of the Holy Mother of God”. The members of the Palmarian Catholic Church are slaves of the Blessed Virgin Mary. They sing the Marian hymns in such a pious way, that even those who are not from the Palmarian Church have to recognize their beauty. We are of the Virgin Mary, we are the Marian Apostles of the Last Times. It is written in the prophecies that the great devotees of the Mother of God will live in the Last Times, when the vast majority of humanity terribly offends God. The apostasy of the roman church is directly responsible for the fall of humanity.

We welcome the Palmarian faithful who have returned to the Church and also those who are preparing to return. We are very happy with the new flock. We hope that the triumph of the Holy Palmarian Church will soon be even more magnificent. Above all, because this year we celebrate the Golden Anniversary of the enthronement of the Holy Face of Christ in the Sacred Place of Apparitions of El Palmar de Troya in 1970. Christ, who is continuously supporting His Holy Church, has many surprises to gladden his most beloved Palmarian faithful in this Glorious Palmarian Holy Year of the Holy Face.