13th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Palmarianski Katolicki Kościół

13th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

In this thirteenth report on the Palmarian website, we want to thank God, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph for having attracted so many people through this website to the light of the True Church. It is clear that interest in the Palmarian Church is gaining strength. With our apostolate, a light has appeared within the darkness that currently reigns in the world. Soon you will see how the Palmarian apostolate will become a burning fire of Faith, Hope and Charity, embracing the nations, bringing many souls to the feet of the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ. Many already recognize that the path to God is through the Holy Palmarian Catholic Church. We are witnessing with optimism the triumph of the Holy Palmarian Church under the effective guidance of the Vicar of Christ, His Holiness Pope Peter III, gloriously reigning. Although hell tries to destroy the True Church of Christ, it will not succeed. The Palmarian Church will be glorious and triumphant, as decreed by God in the Holy Scriptures.

In this last month of December, there have been interesting changes in the numbers of those who follow our website. Lately, Argentina is still the country that visits our site the most and now occupies first place. Spain is in second place and Brazil has already moved ahead of the United States to rise to third place.

This is the list of the top thirty countries that most visit our website:

1.Argentina11.Poland21.The Ivory Coast
2.Spain12.The Philippines22.Cameroon
3.Brazil13.United Kingdom23.Chile
4.United States14.Italy24.Austria
7.India17.Congo – Kinshasa27.Ecuador
10.France20.Russia30.Dominican Republic

We will explain exactly what the intention of the Palmarian apostolate is and the work of Palmarian Catholic Action. The One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian Church is a small Church compared to many others. It would be wrong to think that we are looking for people to make us richer or to keep the Divine Worship full of people and thus show the world our importance. First, we want to fulfill God’s will. It is His will that all souls have the opportunity to save themselves and, to achieve this, God wants everyone to know exactly where the true path to that end is. The Holy Ghost always teaches the Truth. And to whom does the Holy Ghost inspire the true doctrine, the right path? Well, to His Church. The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ. Within the souls belonging to the True Church, the Holy Ghost, Divine Love, is present. Through the Vicar of Christ, the Holy Ghost is leading the Church to follow the most suitable path in these times. Our apostolate is addressed to all human beings. We offer everyone the opportunity to enter the True Church, provided they strip themselves of all that God does not accept inside it. We remind everyone of the sentence in the Holy Palmarian Bible that reads: „It is easier for a camel to pass through the 'Eye of the Needle’, than for a man unduly attached to the things of this world to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Well, it is the same with wanting to enter the Palmarian Catholic Church. It is easier for a camel to pass through the Eye of a Needle, than for a man excessively attached to the things of this world to enter the True Church of Christ, which is the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian Church. We explain what Jesus meant by this phrase: the door of the wall of Jerusalem known as the Eye of the Needle, given the shape of its arch, was so small that a laden camel could not pass through it; but free of the load it could. In this historical moment in the Church of Christ, in order for a person to enter the Palmarian Church, he has to strip himself of many worldly affairs in order to be a member of it. Some will say we don’t have many conversions, and they will make fun of this, but the truth is that many desire it.

We have refused offers of money from an important religious group that wished to be part of the Palmarian Church under the authority of His Holiness Pope Peter III. We have also rejected many priests and different organizations that wanted to be part of the Palmarian Church. And why our rejection? Because they did not want to strip themselves of what is essential to be members of the True Church of Christ. No one can be accepted into the Palmarian Church if the established norms for the spiritual good of his soul and those of others in the Order are not fulfilled.

There was an individual who called himself an „infiltrator” into the Palmarian Church and did not even go through the first step to become a member of the Palmarian Church. Those who want to „infiltrate” our Religious Order, prepare to spend many hours on their knees. Let’s see how long they last! Let’s see if they can be without their cell phones and other modern devices to take up a broom or to peel garlic and onions with a knife in the kitchen! Let’s see how long they last helping the disabled elderly! All this is done every day by our religious, including the Bishops.

Our apostolate is to offer every human being the opportunity to know the True Church of Christ. We will not lose sleep waiting for the arrival of new members. Our desire is to fulfill the Will of God, making His Church known. If nobody enters, so be it! Poor them, but we will not suffer because of this. We are certainly glad for the few conversions we have had lately. We would be glad if there were many more, but if there are none, we remain at peace because we have done our best to help souls to convert.

We have started using advertising to increase the number of visitors to our website. It is one more expense, but we will do it for the love of God and for the good of humanity. If someone wishes to advertise the Palmarian Church in their country, they can make donations on our website for that purpose. You can also write to our website, specifying the places where you want to do this apostolate. We do not earn any money with this. The donated money will go to Google, YouTube and perhaps other social networks. It is true that it is much cheaper for us to pay for this rather than sending printed publications by mail or by other means, since it costs a lot to send the publications by normal mail. In addition, a large part of the Palmarian library is offered on the website. A wonderful library full of different spiritual writings with much general information about the Palmarian Church. Enter the Palmarian library and you will learn what it takes to know God well. You will find excerpts from the Holy Palmarian Bible, the Heavenly Messages of El Palmar, the prayer book, the Palmarian Catechism, and several other books.