12th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church – Palmarianski Katolicki Kościół

12th Report on the Website of the Holy Palmarian Church

In this twelfth report on the Palmarian website, we again want to thank God and the Blessed Virgin Mary in a very special way for the successful apostolate of the Holy Palmarian Church. This last month of November has produced great surprises. Once again we have achieved a significant increase in visits to our website, exceeding 100% over the previous month. Lately, Argentina is the country that visits our site the most and is now in second place, surpassing the United States which had held second place for almost a year. Although Spain has many more visits, Argentina is narrowing the gap with Spain every day. India, this highly populous country, is already showing a significant interest in seeing our publications, with notable numbers visiting us every day. They now occupy position number 8. Also, the Philippines are reading our documents with interest, moving up to position number 13. The Russians are also interested in seeing our publications, although not in such significant numbers, rising to position number 26.

Here is a list of the thirty countries that visit our website the most:

1.Spain11.United Kingdom21.Portugal
3.United States13.The Philippines23.The Ivory Coast
8.India18.Congo – Kinshasa28.Ecuador

As we conclude the first year of utilizing this means of spreading information about the Holy Palmarian Church to the whole world, we must recognize with great satisfaction that we have found very good and virtuous souls along the way. Although the Palmarian Church is currently reduced to a small number of faithful, it is clear that in the not too distant future the Palmarian Catholic Church will extend its excellent doctrine and exemplary spirit of love for prayer and penance. In a short period of time, millions of souls will know the True Church of Christ, the Holy Palmarian Church. Virtuous souls will not be left out of the True Church for being unaware of its existence, as was the case until now. We will not say any more, only that the Palmarian apostolate is prepared to carry out a triumph that Christ himself, Son of God, will be supporting wonderfully. An apostolate that the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph will be pushing with the fire of their love for the salvation of souls.

To God and his Blessed Mother, we must always offer the best we have. That is why we do not skimp on the Divine Worship in having sumptuous Altars with an abundance of flowers, beautiful floats, and in general everything that contributes to make the liturgy and the Divine Worship more excellent. It is a visible sign of our thanks to the Creator. We especially remember thereby Christ and his Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary, for the terrible sufferings that they went through on Calvary to achieve our redemption, save our souls, and open the doors of Heaven.

But the Palmarian Church, on the other hand, is also the mother of the poor. She takes special care of her own needy and sick faithful. She helps those who need shelter from dangerous places survive. Our missionaries do not hesitate to practice generosity with the poor. Some of them even obtain money from other faithful who have more resources to give to the poor. This gives immense satisfaction to the missionary. But he is also aware that asking is not easy, because he never knows what answer he will receive. That is why those who have more and want to give Christianly to those most in need and „in that way store up treasures in Heaven,” really shouldn’t wait for the missionary to ask. They should offer what they wish to the missionaries so that the missionaries can distribute it among the most needy faithful. The Palmarian Church is still small, and for the most part, it has a larger share of faithful with little means. Therefore, for now, we can only help our faithful. It is impossible, due to lack of resources, to organize something for distribution in charitable works for the rest of the world. But if the Lord someday provides us with the means to do so, we would not hesitate to carry it out.

Sometimes people send us insulting messages, but we also receive gratifying messages demonstrating that God is inspiring people everywhere to appreciate spiritual things. In the Holy Palmarian Church, we live Christian spirituality in a very devout way. It is our desire to live our faith by imitating many important saints in the history of the Church. We have great devotion to St. Pio of Pietrelcina for his great love for the Holy Mass and the Passion of Christ. St. Gregory XVII the Very Great is the exalted mystic of the Spiritual Passion of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Much of our Marian Doctrine comes from the great mystics of the Church, as is the case of Saint Mary of Jesus of Ágreda, who wrote important books of mystical revelation. Likewise did Saint Anne Catherine Emmerick, great mystic of the Passion of the Lord. However, it was Pope St. Gregory XVII the Very Great who compiled the truths of these mystics and placed them in the Holy Palmarian Bible. The Palmarian Bible is the word of God, and is infallible doctrine word for word. In the Holy Palmarian Bible, there is no contradiction. It is a pleasant read that leads souls to know God. The mistakes that are in other bibles have given Protestants the ability to spread their mistakes to a multitude of people. You cannot speak to them of the true Bible because they think they know everything, and the truth is only how they interpret it. That is why St. Gregory XVII the Very Great had all the non-Palmarian Bibles burned so that only the Palmarian Bible would remain for the faithful of the True Church, the outcome of the great work of the Holy Palmarian Councils.

We would be grateful to those who are devotees of the Blessed Virgin Mary if they watched this video of Our Crowned Mother of Palmar and sent it to everyone they know.


Our Crowned Mother of Palmar is the worker of great miracles. Those who suffer from dire needs, no matter how horrifying their illnesses and tribulations, do not hesitate to turn to this Exalted Lady under the sweet title of Our Crowned Mother of Palmar, since this is the title that pleases her most. It pleases her most because of the love, honor and veneration that she receives from Her faithful children of the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian Church.